Best Gluten-Free Bread

You can make this in the thermomix or by hand.


1 tbsp chia seeds soaked for 10 minutes in 3 tbsp water

200g white rice flour (or, 130g white rice flour and 70g potato starch)

100g brown rice flour

120g tapioca flour

10g psyllium husks

15g dried yeasr

1 tbsp maple syrup

2 eggs

25g coconut or macadamia oil

pinch salt

400g lukewarm water


Soak chia seeds in water and set aside.

In thermomix or other bowl, combine flours and all other ingredients except chia seeds.

Mix thoroughly (Thermomix: Speed 6 for 10 seconds, scrape down sides of bowl, Speed 6 for another 5-10 seconds.)

Mix in chia seeds (Thermomix: Speed 6 for 5-10 seconds).

Pour in greased bread tin and bake for 45 minutes at 200 degrees celcius.

Remove from tin and place on cooling rack to cool.